Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Day!

Yeehhhaaa! now I'm officially an Animation Mentor student!!
Still can't believe it! Today I had my first Q&A with my Mentor Elliott Roberts and we just introduced our self's to the rest of the class. We are 10 students in my class, and all seemed really nice! This is going to be lots of fun!!

Yesterday at 12pm PST the digital gates of the AM campus opened and we got access to our class schedule and had a welcome Q&A with Jay.
When I came home from work my mom got me a little surprise ... a "Zuckertüte" which is a tradition we got in Germany when a kid sets off for their first day in school upon entering first grade, their parents present them with a big cardboard cone, filled with toys, candy and school supplies. So yesterday I've got a toy story "Zuckertüte" ....

2 Kommentare:

David Nilsson said...

Awesome! I want a Zuckertüte too!

Steff said...

Hahaha...maybe you will get one too, if you show yourself well-behaved the next month XD