Monday, October 18, 2010

Class 1 Week 3 - Bouncing Ball ...

last week, our assignment was one Bouncing Ball and one emotional Pose with Stu ... our character Rig.

here is my Bouncing Ball assignment:

and here is my Excitement Pose:

I choose a girl in School, who is totaly exceted because she wants to answer her teachers question. So she is trying to reach as high as possible without really leaving her chair.
I actually was never like her in school...but when I made this pose she reminded me a lot of my sister...who was always a swotter, who knews everything and is eager to answer all the questions. She also loved to arrange her pens by colour in her pencil case every morning :D

2 Kommentare:

Chase Shields said...

I would really like to know how you rendered your pose for future reference :)

Steff said...

Hey Chase,
Well it's actually a mix of two tutorials I found.
The Character shader is from:

and the lighting is from:

have fun with them! ^^