Saturday, November 6, 2010

getting things done ...

... well, this time I really have some trouble to finish my assignment on time, so I thought it would help maybe if I keep records my progress. So here I am!

I got Up early today ... 6.00 AM in the morning, well lets call it midle of the night, that was the status quo at that time:

this is my stand at 8:45 AM

thats how it looked like at 12.00 PM

ok, its now almost 5.00 PM and I found myself facing a problem ... the moment when the pendulum hits the ball twice doesn't look good:

bacause I have acutally no idea how the tail of the Pendulum would react. So what does an Animator do if he has to animate something he or she can't imagine?
right! We either search for reference or make a reference by our self, so, that what I came up with:

I took this with my slow-motion cam ^^
sorry for the flickering, I forgott to blow out my candles.

ok...I'm almost done now, I went to one of the Q&A's this evening with Ethan Hurd and showed him my last version at that time:

Ethan gave me a couple of small things I could change to make it perfect ... well, atleast as perfect I can get at the moment XD ... and thats what I'm doing now.

Finally! I'm Done!
and here it is!

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