Saturday, January 22, 2011

Class 02 Assignment 01 - Week 01-04

Ok this class has overall 3 Assignments which we can choose from a picklist. For the first Assingment I choose the 180° jump turn. The first week is planung the shot, making skethces and taking reference. Which gave me quite some trouble. I'm still not really comfortable in front of a camera and I faced a lot of problems, like sticking roughly to the frame limit and let it not look to planed. After I shot around 50 takes which were all twice as long as they were suppost to be, I decided to help myself with a little trick. I found a piece of music which had actually the kind of rythem I wanted to have in my animation timing, with that help I managed to sticked to the limit and it also helped me to kind of forget the camera in some way. The only thing I didn't think about is that the whole reference looked now to planed..more like a choreography then a natural movement. So my Mentor told me to change almost everything and I'm so happy she did that XD ... because I ended up going now in a direction I never tried before. I decided its time for me to do something really cartoonie!

So here is my first blocking Pass which I submitted the second week:

I submitted my first blocking bit early and so I had some time left to spend, which I used to build a set and make some lighting and render tests:

I'm not really into modeling ar lighting, those are still just my first steps into that areas ^^

Week 3 Yeehaaa! finally I'm done with my refining pass and uploaded it already. So here aslo for you to check out my current work in progress:

Hope you like it! I definitely enjoyed animating it! XD

Week 04

Here an update on my "Guard" shot... still lots of things to work on, few knee pops and some parts where the timing could be I wont call it Final yet. My Mentor asked me last week to add also the "kicking feet" when he is actually in the air, and I think that part turned out quite well for the firt pass. :)

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