Saturday, January 22, 2011

Class 01 Progress Reel

Still can't believe that I'm already done with class 1!! Time is flying by.

At this point I really want to say thank to Elliott, who was the best class 01 Mentor I could ever dream of! Elliott always pushed us and our ideas to a whole new level and forced us not to stick with the clich├ęs. I still can't believe that I learned after so many years this much just from animating a bouncing ball! Also a great thanks to my classmates and especially our vent-group (few of them listed in the sidebar to the left), you guyes are AWESOME! and its so great to know I can always count on your help when I need a pair of fresh Eyes or just someone to talk to when I need to pull an all-nighter XD comes my Class 01 progress reel!

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