Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sport ist Mord...

Yesterday I joined the Kendo practice...the first time after almost 6 month. The first 2-3 moth after such a long break are really hard. My muscles are virtually non-existing as well as my physical fitness. So the first couple of month I'm asking mayself with every single hit "why am I doing that? why? Why the hell am I doing this sport???"

And still I'm doing it...and after I got used the pain, the bruises and the blisters I will start enjoying it again. At least I hope so, I just need to reach that point again XD

P.S sorry for the german titel..."sport ist mord" is an german saying, and I don't hink there is an english phrase for that XD... it means translated word by word: "Sports are murderous"

2 Kommentare:

el0451 said...

I think your animation is coming along amazingly, I'm starting AM in the spring and will continue to watch for your updates

Steff said...

Congratulations! looking forward to see you around the campus in spring ^^