Monday, October 10, 2011

Daily Doodles 01

Hey Everyone!

Since I moved into 3D animation I didn't have much time to really draw and I feel a bit rusty. My grandpa always told me, that I should draw at least an hour a day to keep and improve my skills. I admit that I didn't do that since a very long time, but I'm trying to start again. So while I was waiting for my eCritique from Wayne on my AM assignment I pulled out my sketchbook (was a bit dusty) and draw two doodles from Timandahaf the Viking Chief of Asterix and the Vikings.
Its a great movie and a Master piece in the matter of Clean UP ... really amazing work on the lines there. I always liked the Character Design as well and since I'm a bit rusty in my own drawing style I decided to simply pic up this one until I'm more solid in drawing again ... well I guess that's kind of a habit I got from my Clean UP and Inbetweening times XD

Used my favorite Col-erase pencils .. kind of rough and didn't really clean it. There really just to get me into drawing again.