Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello again

... so this might sound crazy to some of you, but about half a year ago I decided to give my career in animation a bit of a break.
Professionally at least. I'm sure I will animate the occasional shot here and there for my own pleasure, but I needed a break from the business itself.

Not necessarily because there is something wrong with working 80 hour weeks on short term contract all the time ... never having a lunch break or getting more then 4 hours of sleep per night, we all kind of know what we get ourselves into when we become animators.
But after 13 years ... yeah it really has been that long,  I decided it was time I try something else.

I always wanted to open my own Studio and tell my own stories.
Thilo Graf von Rothkirch, my old boss was always a great inspiration and I wanted to become like him. He started with a dream, made his first own TV show and created was eventually became Germany's biggest Animation studio. Creating marvelous movies for children from 0-6 years old.
Something like that was what I had in mind when I left Double Negative last summer. I wanted to make my own TV shows ... I started working on the scripts and the pitches. I got back in touch with some contacts from the good old 2D times and everything was going in the right direction.
If I would have continued down this path as I planed it, would probably be looking for some crew right now. But, and this is where things got a bit off track, when I was writing the script I started writing some other things too.

I started writing Children's Books, and something clicked inside me. I realized that I don't need a whole team and millions of euros/£ to tell my stories ... I could do the same thing on Paper, with words and pictures! I couldn't believe I never thought of that before. All the time I wanted to reach out there tell stories and bring a bit of fun and magic to kids, all I needed for this was right in front of me! All I needed to do, was write my books and get them published! How hard could that be?

Yeah really, I had no idea ...

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